Real Estate Lawyers in Fort McMurray

The three most common reasons to contact a law firm with respect to Real Estate are:

  • the sale of a property,
  • the purchase of a property, or
  • the refinance of a property.

Our Real Estate lawyers in Fort McMurray provide clients with the greatest flexibility in scheduling consultations, contract reviews or appointments to sign documents. We make ourselves available on holidays, evenings and weekends to ensure we can meet with you at the most convenient time. If you have any questions regarding a real estate matter or would like to set up an appointment please call 780-799-9290 or email us at:


Consultations are very common for first time home owners and buyers, or simply for those looking to better understand their real estate matter. We are available to meet with you and review the entire process if you are planning on buying or selling a home. This involves a discussion on the importance of your contract, the benefit of having a real estate agent, the role of a broker or bank specialist, and an overview of many of the pitfalls clients should avoid when dealing with a real estate transaction including discussions on insurance issues, real property reports and home inspections.


Ultimately, signing and reviewing the necessary documents is all about you and your comfort level. Whether you’ve done it before and are looking to expedite the process, or if you are looking to slow things down a bit and have a chance to ask questions, we can accommodate you.

Call us at 780-799-9290 or send us an email at: