Mediation for Custody Agreements & More in Fort McMurray

At Flett Manning Moore in Fort McMurray, we encourage spouses to consider collaborative law or mediation as an alternative to court. These interest based negotiation processes can help couples work together with their collaborative lawyers or their mediator resolve issues in dispute, including child custody and access, child support, spousal support and a division of property. Flett Manning Moore has lawyers and staff trained to conduct both family mediation and collaborative family law. We can provide more information when you contact us at 780-799-9290 or at


Collaborative law, also known as collaborative practice is a legal process enabling couples who have decided to separate or end their marriage to work with their lawyers, and, on occasion, other family professionals in order to avoid the unpredictability of Court and achieve a settlement that best meets the specific needs of the spouses and their children. Collaborative law eliminates the threat of “Fine, we will just go to Court.

Collaborative family law is a voluntary process initiated when the parties and their trained collaborative lawyers sign a contract (“participation agreement”) committing to the process and disqualifying their respective lawyers from representing either one in any future court proceedings/litigation.

Court is stressful and often unsatisfactory for both spouses. In comparison, a collaborative law team can help you and your partner reach a customized, out of court settlement based on your priorities in a process that builds respect and understanding.


Mediation is an option for spouses from the very beginning of a relationship breakdown or after having struggled through the litigation process already.

Mediation is a voluntary, confidential, non-adversarial and co-operative decision making process in which a mediator, as a neutral third party, works with parties in a dispute to resolve matters by agreement. It gives you and your spouse control over the process and the decisions made. Mediation also typically results in a quicker and more cost effective resolution that trying to achieve finality in the court system. The cost of the mediator is often shared between the two parties.


The benefit of a family lawyer mediator is that he or she is often very familiar with all of the legal issues and every day concerns you face when separating. Lawyers and staff at Flett Manning Moore have had the benefit of seeing hundreds of other couples and the Court resolve child custody, parenting, support and property disputes. They can propose creative options you may have never even thought of and help you and your spouse assess whether the option is suitable and beneficial for your family situation.


Legal advice before and after mediation? When you opt for lawyer-supported mediation, you and your former partner first meet with your own lawyers for advice before jointly attending the mediation without your lawyers. You might also consult your lawyer between mediation sessions. Following mediation, your lawyers will each review the agreement reached and make it legally binding. If the lawyer-supported mediation does not achieve a partial or full agreement, both parties are free to retain their respective lawyers to pursue litigation.


At Flett Manning Moore, we have lawyers and staff trained and qualified to conduct collaborative family law and family mediation. If you already know you need a family mediator or collaborative lawyer contact the lawyers in Fort McMurray at our firm. Please contact us at 780-799-9290 or by email at