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Family Lawyers in Fort McMurray

At Flett Manning Moore our family lawyers in Fort McMurray can draft an agreement that protects you and we can help to resolve outstanding issues in order to achieve a signed Separation Agreement or Court Order. We are available by phone at 780-799-9290 or email at .


If you and your partner have come to a full agreement or an agreement on most matters and just need some advice on how to resolve outstanding issues or to finalize things in a written agreement, the Fort McMurray family lawyers at Flett Manning Moore can meet with you to give you direction or advice or help put the finishing touches on your agreement to ensure they are clearly stated and legally enforceable. We can also assist you in finalizing a divorce (typically termed “desk divorce” or “consent divorce”) or a support or property order when you already have a signed separation agreement in place. A divorce judgment is sought typically after you have been living separate and apart for at least one year, but negotiations, litigation and many other steps should be taken quickly once you are aware the relationship is over.

At Flett Manning Moore, we offer assistance in the negotiation, drafting and signing of co-habitation agreements (when partners are living together or planning to live together), pre-nuptial agreements (in contemplation of marriage), separation & property agreements, divorce agreements and minutes of settlement.


Can’t Agree?

Often it is clear or expected that you and your spouse are not going to agree and you require direction, advice and representation of your legal interests. Sometimes you just need information about your rights, what to expect with a separation and how to best protect yourself.

The divorce lawyers in Fort McMurray at Flett Manning Moore can advise and assist you with disputes about custody and access, parenting, child support, spousal or partner support, interim possession of a family home and property division.

Our family lawyers in Fort McMurray have experience in handling a wide variety of family law cases. Our lawyers are empathetic and compassionate and offer the most suitable solutions to resolve your disputes. You can count on us if you need legal representation.

Worried about your Children?
Always remember that the presence of conflict and involving your children in conflict are detrimental to the well-being of your children. Evidence of fighting in front of your children or putting them in the middle of a dispute is heavily frowned upon by the court and could have undesirable effects for your entire family. Regardless of your wishes, a court judge will be seeking the best interests of the children.

If you have minor children, regardless of whether you have already separated or not, we strongly recommend that you immediately complete the free Parenting after Separation Course now offered online at The course provides you with insight on how to best assist your children during a separation, how to help them cope and what you can expect. It also is a mandatory requirement if you need to go to court to address parenting or custody matters or want a divorce judgment.

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Family Law generally provide more cost-effective, timely & client controlled resolutions of
family disputes. Reach out to our experienced family lawyers in Fort McMurray now.

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Did You Know?

Family Law generally provide more cost-effective, timely & client controlled resolutions of family disputes

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If you need advice or know you will need family lawyer in Fort McMurray, we can help you. Call us at 780-799-9290 or to schedule a  family law consultation. Remember it is best to seek legal advice quickly as there may be time strict deadlines that could affect your rights. Further, you are more likely to achieve an agreement in the early stages of a separation.

We also offer legal representation for business and construction law.

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